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If you asked me before two months about John Chow then you would get no answer. I would think that it was a name of another rocker or movie star. But now I can say who is John Chow and what he does.Yeah I am sure that I can something about him( But plz don’t ask me about his biodata) . Since I am involved in blogging these days, I read a lot of post about blogging and he is one in the game whose articles I read often. Once I visited his blog (or website whatever) I found that we can signup to get free e book written by him. FREE? I thought it was totally a stupid thing to miss an e book which is FREE. So what was there to stop me? I sign up using my gmail and download the book and voila! The book was in my desk (it’s desktop actually)
MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH JOHN CHOW DOT COM- how I went from zero to $10000+ a month and how you can too!!
This thing was in first page and it really made me curious. I thought that it was full of great and easy ideas to make huge money online and I began reading it. But after some lines I felt like something stuck in my teeth. As stated by John, this e book was a compilation of old blogs posted on John Chow dot com. Screw that! Is this the reason John that you let it for free? Yeah it was a collection of old blogs but however it makes you feel good because everything is in order and it’s readable too (I am talking about other e books which cost you money and boredom too). But john have done something clever too, he had put many links to the book which leads to his blogs. Talking about the book, it was okay (its my only opinion, it may be great book for some guys). Some articles were really interesting whereas some where boring too. (I found wordpress articles really boring because I don’t use wordpress).
If you go inside then you can find many links that let you inside different money making ways. They give access to many sites which help you to earn something. And there are some factors that are really aspiring and interesting too. Like the seven habits of highly successful bloggers, beginners blogger tips (as I am a beginner), six top linking strategies and some more. They were really interesting to read. But I don’t tell that all the stuffs were very great. Some of the articles were avoidable too. (At least for me)
Oh yeah one thing I would like to comment Mr. John. As you stated that some of the MFA sites don’t pay you good and you should filter them, but what about your site? It too doesn’t pay well. I think it never pays more than 10 cents (well it paid 7 cents for me). So is MFA word is applicable to you too? Should your site too need to be filtered? Why you don’t see your mistake too?
There were many things to read on the book but what I enjoyed most was his history. That was really great and inspiring too. After reading that I started to respect him even more. And yeah really thankful to john for the adsense stuffs. I think it will help me somehow. And as a whole it has good contents and some good tips too and it is an okay book. But don’t miss it! Because you have to miss nothing reading it as it is FREE!!!