Make money from home without investing a penny…….The first time i saw this thing in television, i was totally astonished. Can it be? Without investment? What should I do? These questions in my head led me to the company who gave that ad. But wait..when I went there they forgot the without investment thing and asked two grands for teaching the method. Then I came home. I thought that it will give nothing. But later when I surfed the net I found that it was real and It really need no investment( forget the cost of internet). Then I was more and more interested in this thing. Then I looked for all the methods to get money as I really need money. I am not the guru of these things but I am just explaining what I did for money .

This is the most easiest way to make money(keep in mind you need to be patience). Just some steps and voila! You get the cheque. For this I first went to the and made a blog( there are other sites to get free blogs too like wordpress, reallifelogs etc. but I don’t know how to use them.) then I made a adsense account and started putting ads and after two months it was a real JACKPOT. I received 278$ cheque( not to mention that it took for me two months to withdraw money as I live in Nepal). This was the adsense thing . so why not give a try.
CONFESSION: As I had a very bad blog with weird contents it was not able to generate traffics so what I did was to go to different cyber and click on my own ads.(hope google will not read this). But this is the real truth for the begineers. Anyway try this and make money.

Oh I forgot…adsense too have other ways to earn money like search engine and referrals. That is when a person referred by you makes the 100 dollor within six months the you can get HUGE 258$ bonus. So folks nothing to loose here. GET GOING.


Bidvertiser too works like adsense. Pay per click . I too tried it but the amount I received per click was too much less then that of adsense. But the plus point is the minimum pay rate which is 25 in bidvertiser whereas it is 100$ in adsense. If you really want to make some more bucks then y not give it a try.

Yeah this is another way to get some more bucks to take your girlfriend for a date(I swear ,I did that) review anything and everything and wait for a cash. pays $1.50 per review accepted. If the review does not meet their criteria, you can choose to earn the bulk rate or the regular rate divided by 5. They accept reviews on anything including airlines, electronics, hotels, and websites. Reviews accepted by ReviewStream may not be published elsewhere. You also earn money if readers vote for your review. The minimum payout is $50. is review site where you can earn money from Amazon or Adsense. You earn commission if readers purchase the product you reviewed through Amazon. You also earn revenue if people click on Adsense ads. pays you to review the software found on their site. They pay up to $50 depending on how great the review is. The minimum amount you can earn per review is $1. The reviews must be original and don’t have to be positive. The best contributors receive free stuff. The minimum payout is $200.