Is Blogsvertise Dead?

Posted by hoody | 5:08 PM

No new job, no new news and no new mail. What can I say more? Maybe, Blogsvertise is dead.
It’s been nearly three months I signed up for Blogsvertise and it took two days to be approved. And the next day when I checked by inbox, VOILA! I got an assignment from Blogsvertise that too worth $5. What more can we expect from such sites? Full $5 assignment in the second day after being approved. I was so happy that I donated the whole post called ‘Blogsvertise worked for me’ in my blog. After that? Oh I am starved waiting for the new assignment. And no single email from them!
Yeah it’s true that Blogsvertise is a promising site for the bloggers like us. But what can we say about the site that is neither in contact nor even in news for so long time. I get different emails (if not job) from the sites like payperpost, smorty and many more but where is email of Blogsvertise in my inbox? Or where is Blogsvertise in the forum or news? Maybe Blogsvertise is dead. R.I.P.
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  1. Leslie Ann January 2, 2008 at 9:34 AM  

    I thought of Blogsvertise like that myself, but after I sent an email to customer service I got grab bag tasks every 3-4 days that were worth $5-$8. What I think is dead is Blogging Ads.