Caution: The ideas presented here will not bring you a great wind of traffic like in Myanmar. So if you are searching for HUGE traffic, press the back button. But if your blog has drought of traffic and you want some traffic to save your face then read the rest of the post. And yeah, i am talking about unsuccessful blogger here like I was some months back.

1. Get some traffic by commenting on other blogs : Did I said some? Yeah, some traffic but enough to end the traffic drought in your blog. This is the easiest idea. Just go to some blogs like yours, read the post (you can skip this step. Just reading the title can give you the idea about rest of the post) and leave the comment with a link pointing to your blog. Just keep in mind that the blog is not that big blog as big bloggers don't have that time to knock on the every blog commenting them. This is not my new 'freshly brought from poultry' idea. Big bloggers like John Chow too admitted doing this during his struggling age. Also these days there are widgets like 'Top commentators and Recent comments' in the sidebar of many blogs which will give you more chances of getting traffic as it is easily seen in the sidebar by many people. So try this and you will not be disappointed.

2. Get some traffic from mybloglog: I hope every blogger knows about mybloglog. If you don't, Just shoot your head with a hammer (shame on you!). So for what purpose are you using Mybloglog? For checking your sites stats? Or to meet the bloggers of similar interests? Please don't tell me you are looking for date in mybloglog. Its like searching quality in Lindsay Lohan's movie. He he. Have you ever thought that mybloglog can generate you good amount of traffic for you? I can say yes as mybloglog was the major source of my traffic before some month when I was treated like ghost in search engines. Confused? Well, I will say how.

First thing you got to do is build your own mybloglog community. The benefit of building such community is with one click you can send message to all of the members of the community and get some traffic. Some pain in head? Okay, let me explain. If you have 50 members in your own community then you can send message about your new post with a link to that post to all of them. I think nearly half of your community members will turn to your blog after receiving your message if your post sounds cool. Now if you have more than 200 members in your community then how much traffic would you get? Calculate yourself.

Its so easy to create mybloglog community. Follow this link to build your own mybloglog community and also read My mybloglog community building strategy to know how to get members in your community.

I am quite sure these easy way will really end your 'God, get me some traffic please' campaign and help your blog grow. But if it doesn't, I swear i will really be teary eyed for you. Just leave some comments.