Ever wondered how many blog readers are currently reading your blog when you are writing posts or when you are arranging your blog stuffs? I think it really feels good when you see the number of people who are currently wandering in your blog pages. And i tell you, it's not hard or big game of code to be enable to see your current readers or lets say instant readers. It's just a minutes work and it's so easy too.

The site that lets us to see the online readers of our blog is called Freeonlineusers. As the name suggests, it enables us to see how many people are currently online in your blog. Just sign up for the account, customize the colors to display and finally paste the code in your sidebar and you are all done. If you want to see the trick implemented in my blog then just expand the sidebar called online users after the Label sidebar. It's easy and fun, so i hope you all will give just a single try to it.
I hope i can get some comments for this information!