Here is a new blogging trick and i swear that this is not my original post. The man behind this post is the same man behind Dynamicdrive. So if you got any problem with this script or it didn't worked for you then i am sorry, talk to Dynamicdrive first. He he, i am safe. Oh, we were talking about snow. So in todays blogging trick, we will create cool snow on our blog background. But i think firstly you want to check this demo.

This snow stuff works on the blog with dark background. So , i hope now that you have already seen the demo and i think some of you are even wishing to try adding snow on your blog. So here is the code to add snow in your blog's background.

<script type="text/javascript" src="snow.js">


* Snow Effect without images-by Kurt Grigg at

* Script featured and available at Dynamic Drive at

* Please keep this notice intact



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