Create label cloud for blog, this is not my first post on creating label cloud for blog. I think its second one and i also think the titles are also same but who cares? I am the son of Gurkha man, so i don't have the habit to look back. So i don't care if both the posts are same also. Oh wait, no its different post. Yeah the title are same but the content is different. And i must admit this is the easiest way to create label cloud for blog.

If you want to create the label cloud by playing with codes then the first post is good for you. Why don't you read create label cloud for blogger part1 first? Okay, now lets talk about this way of creating label cloud in blogger. This second one is real easy. You should not be worried about HTML here and that is real good thing if you are not HTML geek. This process is just like 1,2,3....... and done! Just sign up for Zoomclouds, create account and get a label cloud for your blog free! I think this hassle free way to create label cloud for blog is a great stuff if you are wanting for the easy way to add label cloud in your blog. See how the Zoomcloud looks like:

If you are using this tool then please link me too.