Time for another blogger hack. And this time its not about expandable sidebar or adding social bookmarking widget, its about your emotion. Yeah, we are dealing with adding Yahoo emotion on your blog post section. Yahoo emotion? Yes, its true. Can't post your own emotion so took a help from yahoo. So here's how we make this blogger hack happen.

Adding Yahoo emotion in your blog post section is really easy, as easy as . Its just a matter of few HTML and what you gotta do is follow the instructions below. Oh wait, i forgot first make sure that you are using Mozilla firefox as you cannot move a step ahead if you are not using it.

Step 1
Install Greasemonkey which is an firefox add on on your browser. Click here to get greasemonkey. After you install restart your browser so that add on will work.
Step 2
Click this script and then click install.
Step 3
Now its about your HTML code. Goto 'Dashboard' then to 'layout' and then to 'Edit HTML'. Now same OLD boring line "Please backup your template so that you can use it afterwards if anything goes wrong".

Now search for this code: ]]></b:skin>
Step 4
Now copy the following code just above the code in step 3.

img.emoticon { padding: 0;
margin: 0; border: 0; }
Step 5
save your template and Congratulations! You made it, wooo!

To check if you are done or not , goto blogger create post, you will see the emotion in the tools panel of the compose tabs as in image below.
If this blogger hack was good then why don't you try Control number of pages displayed in Label and archive page?

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