Have you seen something so cool in my sidebar now? Yeah i am talking about the sidebar that expands when it is clicked. It is one of the coolest thing i did in my blog after making peek-a-boo post. Look now fellas! My post as well as sidebar both are expandable. So if you too are interested to keep the expandable sidebar in your blog or just want to check how it looks then read more.

This hack(should we call it hack) is not mine. rather this hack comes from the person who said he spent two days to create the code. Hallelujah! He deserves it. So the man behind is of site Flooble! Flooble is the site that contains Blogger scripts, Blogger hacks and lot more. If you are interested to learn blogger hacks , do yourself a favor, Check the Fooble site.
Oh, we were on sidebar expand. Okay so i am not giving any codes here and i am directing this to Foobls site. So click here to know the way of getting expandable sidebar. If this hacks works on you then don't forget to leave me a comment so that i can add you in my blogroll.

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