This widget is so easy to set up and much more helpful too. I hope most of you guys have already implemented this on your blog. But for those who haven't, this post is for you. By the help of this widget the readers of your blog can submit your article to many directories like Digg, Delicious, Blinklist and lot more. Click Read more to know more and see the screenshot!

Step 1
Go to blogger layout and then to edit template section. Don't forget to back your template up and please click on 'expand widget template' check box.

Step 2
paste the code in this text file between to section of your template.

Step 3
Search for this code following code in your template:

Step 4
Replace the above line with this text file.

Step 5
Save your template.

Oh man, you did it. wow. Now it is so easy for your readers to add you on Digg and other social networks. Congratulations!