In this lame world of making money from blogging, one thing acts like the leg and that is writing sponsored post. Some BIG bloggers are against it as it ruins their so called prestige of the blog but i really support writing sponsored post. How can small bloggers like us earn good bucks by getting our Google adsense ads clicked? See, i even don't have adsense ad and thanks to Google for getting me banned(It's a secret). So what should the blogger like us do to earn some dollars? I think there is no other option(read Good option) than writing sponsored post.
After all the lecture i gave you in the upper paragraph, now i am going to the point. This site that pays us for writing our crap about other products is called Sponsored Reviews. I think most of you have already known it and those who have no idea about what Sponsored Reviews dot com is then i am at your service,sir!
Sponsored Reviews dot com is the site that pays us to write about the advertisers around 150 words. The minimum payout for one post is $5 and it increases as you blog grows. $5 for 10 minutes work? Now count how many adsense ads you need to get clicked for $5?
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