While wandering all long to know the best blogging tricks and tips, i came across some cool blogs that really changed the look of my blog and expanded my horizon on blogging. Those blogs were the blogs where i learnt different blogger hacks and got some coolest widget ever. Here is the list of coolest blogs on blogging and yeah my blog is not listed there anyway.
Blogger University: The coolest blogspot template and some of the best hacks in the blogosphere, welcome to Blogger university! This blog written by annie is a must see blog if you are really willing to change your ASS looking blog. Check it.
Beautiful beta Blogger: Hans really deserves the hallejulah for the hacks and the widget he has provided in his Beautiful beta blog. this guy not only creates widget rather he modifies the widget of other people too to give the best outcome.
Tips for new bloggers: This too is the blog to be checked out. Though the templete of the blog doesnot seems cool but you will be amazed by the hacks or tricks you can find here. Covers all the part of the blog from head to the tail.
Hackosphere: This is the blog to look into. the templete called NEO used in this blog is really cool and the post are coolest itself. Ramani scores here and scores in the big way. dad of the blog hackers, at least for me.
These were the coolest Blogspot blogs about blogging i found and also learnt a lot from them. so if you are an old newbie(?) like me in blogging then check these blogs. More blogs will be updated soon.
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