Is this possible to be paid for clicking ads from your computer. I hope you havent started calling me crazy and if you have then too i don't give a 'F' as what i am talking is not a crap. There are many sites that pays you for clicking ads. Funny, isn't it? Yeah it is but it wont be funny to take money from such sites. So below i am giving the lists of SITES that pays you for clicking ads. This is the easiest way to earn money online in my view. but who hears my fucking view?
Minimum payout is $10 and pays you through Alertpay. Want to know more then help yourself by reading FAQ and if you don't have ALERTPAY account then don't hesitate to click here!
Here comes another sultan that pays you for clicking some poor advertisers ad. Here too minimum payout is $10 and again pays you through Alertpay. Again read the FAQ and get register for ALERTPAY!

This was the first pat of the story Get paid for clicking Ads and tomoroow i am coming with the second part. So be ready and DONT FORGET TO TRY THESE!
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