You must have seen recent posts widget for blogger. I am also using one in my blog. Recent posts widget are beneficial as they highlight your recent posts which may attract readers attention giving you some more page views. The recent posts widget i am talking now is not a stereotypical(That may be wrong word, but thats okay) rather you will find an interesting thing in this blogger widget.

The twist of this blogger widget is it contains a summary of your recent posts too. This widget not only highlights your recent posts rather it gives some simple idea of the post through the summary. If the summary is interesting, congratulations for some more views! This recent posts widget was made by Hans of Beautifulbeta. And yes, you shouldn't alter any codes of your template to add this widget as this recent posts widget can be installed on one click.
Get Recent Posts widget!
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  1. Owner March 24, 2010 at 6:10 AM  

    I use j.script for recent post. however, between the font and background almost the same. so that the writing of the blog are not visible. please help me to make my blog better.
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