This post is an expanded post of What to do when you have nothing to post about. Sometimes we don't have topic to blog but we want to give new post to readers everyday. So what should we do at that time? Two options, first go to some other blogs and look for the content that may be USEFUL to your readers and write them in your own words and publish them and another option is write nothing at all. the second idea is harmful and the first one is even more harmful as it may not be whole correct thing. So I have third option, polish your old posts and republish it.

There may be some old good posts that haven't created any buzz they deserved. You can use them in this idea. You can examine why that 'Good' post didn't received good response or why that post was not success though being good? Then you can rewrite that post and publish it. I am sure your post will get the good response it deserved.

This doesn't mean that you can polish anything random and publish it. There are many things that should be considered when you are polishing your old post to make it new. First thing to consider is quality of the post and also should keep in mind if that post is relevant to current time. For example you have a post about Lindsay lohan entering rehab but you cannot publish that post now as it isn't relevant now. If you publish the post irrelevant to the current time, i bet you are going to be screwed. Another thing to keep in mind is the posts fruitfulness to your readers. If the post is not fruitful to your readers then there is no benefit of polishing and publishing it. And yes, the main thing you should keep in your mind is correct all the shortcomings and mistakes of old post when you are polishing it. Just copying your old post from the archive and publishing it will make no difference.

If your new polished post meets all the above criteria then you can publish that post now. Since you are going to publish your unnoticed but good post, it will be real treat for your readers and you too will meet will great response. I too polished my old post What to do when you have nothing to post about, corrected my old mistakes and when i published it, i was happy with the response. So when you have nothing to post about, polish your old post to get a new one.