This question resembles to pain. You want your feed readers knocking on your blog everyday, you want to increase your post each day and you want to get good traffic from search engines. And these things are widely possible if you have many new content. But sometimes brain doesn't supports you to write new post. Actually brain acts dull during exams but sometimes we feel same while writing a post too. So what to do when you have nothing to post about? Hit your head with a hammer so that some idea may pop out? wait, I have got few ideas on it but I am not sure if you will like these ideas. So, read at your own risk.

1.Free articles site: Okay, if your brain is not working then why not to use others brain. There are loads of free articles in loads of free articles site. Just go to some free articles site like or and search for the topic that belongs to your niche. Now get the article, copy it and paste it in your blog. Congratulations, it was your new post today. But please don't ask me about the quality of the articles and number of blogs that have published the same article you published. And yeah a little piece of advice, don't use this option so often otherwise you are going to be screwed by your readers.

2. Blast from the past: Actually, this line belongs to John Chow. But who cares? He doesn't have copyright for this line. This is really cool idea when you have nothing to post. Just check your archive, look for one cool OLD blog post which still have some strength and republish it. Now you have a new post and nobody is going to know it. It will be lot good if you update the post like I am doing now (actually, this post is one of my old post which I updated before republishing it). Trust me, this is the best option.

3. Check your favorite blog or site: Oh my gurus have you got anything for me to publish now? Yeah this is the idea. Just knock on some of your favorite site or blog, look at the content you may be interested, write it in your own way and publish it. This way you will get a new post without lots of time consuming research. My post about Add Digg button to your post and create a drop down menu too lies in this category.

4. Promote other bloggers: Okay, you don't like any of the upper options then why not make this world a better place by helping other bloggers like you? Just pop into some blogs that have good content but not much buzz in the blogosphere, give their blog name with a link pointing to their blog in your post and publish the post. And its like total win-win situation as other fellows too will be promoted and if they are happy they can award you with the backlink. I hope you all know the importance of backlink. So why not try this option?

5. Have no Fear, You tube is here: Last option in my lost. When you are sick of all those upper ideas then You tube comes as a rescue. Just go to You tube, check some cool videos and publish it in your blog. But don't forget to add your own view about that video.

Well, this was my today's post and I hope it will help you when you have nothing to post about. But if it doesn't helps, subscribe Me!