Another blogger hack here but its UPDATED. I just want to tell you that this Updated blogger hack about expandable content script for blogger is not so crappy like matrix reloaded rather it is cool and mostly, this blogger hack works woopie!

If you are unsure about the topic then i suggest you to look at my sidebar. Yes, expandable content script will help us create expandable content for blog like my sidebar. Just click on '+' sign of my sidebar once and you will be cleared about the function of expandable content script for blogger. But since this is am updated blogger hack, i first suggest you to read my older post on expandable content script, Create expandable sidebar.
Wait before you start calling me genius for creating updated expandable content script for blogger let me tell you that this post belongs to somebody else. Yeah the whole credit goes to Bloganol, who created this updated blogger hack. So i suggest you to check Create expandable script for blogger. I hope the link will help you learn the blogger hack and make your blog look stylish and neat.

  1. Anonymous February 17, 2009 at 1:46 PM  

    Hi, i really need to know how you have put your categorys together with titlesand more then one post etc..

    Im trying to make a discount products blog and really need that feature so i can have products categorised like books, games etc.

    Can you let me know?