Adesblog, the once upon a time PR7 blog that contains blogging topics and the blog which was my favorite before six months is now PR3. Oh my blogging guru what have you done?

He was my favorite blogger, even more than John chow. He was PR7 at the time i started reading his blog. Everyday there was my picture as the recent reader on this mybloglog stat. It was long that i haven't read his blog so today when i heard that there was update of PR(it may be false, i am not sure),i remebered him and checked his status and it was PR3. Hey Ade, what happened to you gentleman? Yeah he was once screwed by google when i was still a loyal reader of his blog. He was reduced to PR5 from PR7 and he had written a long post on it too. But 3? Ah guru, it hurts! I have been PR0 blogger from the day of blogging, it may be because i dont know more about it. But reduced by 5 steps, time to do something ex Guru. Best of luck!