You never miss the lines about the role of Social networking sites for the traffic for your blog and how helpful social networking sites are for the promotion of your blog when you are getting advice for blog promotion and traffic generating ways. but are these social networking sites worth giving such priority?

Today, when i was wandering in the blogosphere, i went through a post which talked about the role of social networking sites on blog promotion. The site was Blospayu. This article was thought provoking and well written too which made me not to hit the back button. So what is your view on that? Are these social networking sites that useful for blog promotion? To be true, these social networking stuffs like Digg and reddit have not worked well on me. So i don't have much trust in these sites. What are your views, feel free to drop them. Oh, i nearly forgot, you can read Blogspayu's original article Social networking sites for blog promotion and make your view.

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    Blog promotion is better than social bookmarks to promote a product,I say it based in my own experiences.