45n5.com/top100 has made a list of 100 blogs that talk about making money online. So far AdesBlog.com is listed on 12th spot among 100 others, also it’s the only PR7 blog in the list.

Leading the list is Problogger.net, followed by JohnChow dot com. Shoemoney.com and DoshDosh.com list 4th and 5th respectively.

I think Mark Wielgus of 45n5.com has started a great list, it’s a one stop list for all your money making blogs. The list is updated weekly, if you have a “Make Money Online” blog, send email to Mark at mark @ 45n5.com

Special thanks to Ad from adesblog.com, without whom wouldn't be able to publish this post because THIS IS HIS POST!!!!

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